The fastest growing online learning model, blended learning with FuelEd offers the best of both worlds: award-winning, flexible curricula with a single online learning management platform, plus face-to-face interaction with teachers and mentors when and where a student needs it.  

Our blended learning curriculum is as flexible as you need it to be—whether you offer online courses as part of the school day, in class, or after school when the work is done when it best fits a student’s schedule. The popular, widely adopted FuelEd Online Course curriculum includes high-quality, standards-based online courses for middle school and high school. Whether they are struggling and are at risk of dropping out or not graduating on time, or are seeking greater academic challenges and want to enrich their learning, these flexible courses can meet your students' specific requirements in a K-12 blended environment. 

In addition, FuelEd makes enrollment, tracking, and reporting of your blended learning program a breeze. Through PEAK, our Personalized Learning Platform, administrators and teachers can easily glean intelligence about all of their students at any given time through a single, integrated interface. At a glance, the student academic health dashboard shows you which students are on target, moving at a slower pace, passing, at risk, or disengaged. Along with alerts, this helps you instantly identify students who need help—whether it’s to get started, resolve a technical issue, or determine a remediation strategy.

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