Teacher Highlights: How Course Customization Empowers Brenda Lillie and Her Students to Excel

Brenda Lillie has been an educator for 12 years, and she has used Fuel Education’s blended learning solutions for the past three years as a teacher in the Evergreen School District in Vancouver, WA. Brenda teaches sixth, seventh, and eighth grade language arts, math, science, and social studies in a blended classroom. Brenda also teaches two elective courses – Spanish and robotics. 

Preparing to Invest in Educational Tools for your District

With schools just back in session for the second half of the year, it may seem premature to start talking about spending next year’s budget.  But, given how quickly the academic year flies and the magnitude of decisions that need to be made by education leaders, this is the perfect time to start preparing to invest in cutting edge technology that  enables schools to embrace the benefits of online and blended learning.

Personalized Learning: It’s About Self-Discovery

Imagine a student who exhibits signs of learning difficulties and behavioral problems, refuses to take tests, can’t sit still for even a moment and has had little to no success in the traditional brick and mortar school. Now, imagine that same student, with access to the endless learning possibilities and potential available through online and blended learning, scoring just below advanced on a placement test.