California Adult Blended Program Sparks Student Success

Katherine Anderson

Returning to school can be challenging for many students—and it becomes more difficult as they grow older. Often times, traditional brick-and-mortar programs fail to meet the needs of adults who have family and job responsibilities. Districts also find it challenging to offer both the range of courses needed and the qualified instructors required at a reasonable cost. Online instruction offers a cost-effective solution: flexible, personalized learning with an expansive array of courses taught by subject matter experts.

Career Credentials: Helping Students Go for the Gold at Every Distance

Fuel Education

The new paradigm of career and technical education (CTE) is that every student can benefit from it, whether they're chasing a well-paying career right out of high school or pursuing a postsecondary degree. Even the federal government's Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) signed into law a year ago recognizes that new reality. The Act adds CTE to the definition of a well-rounded education, bringing it into the spotlight previously reserved for traditional subjects like English and math.