Colorado Hybrid School Lays the Groundwork for Extraordinary Achievement

Since 2009, FuelEd has been partnering with Poudre School District Global Academy (PGA), an innovative public school in Fort Collins, Colo., led by a pioneer in online and blended learning, principal Heather Hiebsch. PGA started out small, as a strictly online alternative for high school students in need of credit recovery. Today, PGA has grown to be a hybrid school with nearly 200 K-12 students, and achievement is nothing short of extraordinary, both in proficiency and growth.

Student Success Stories: How Did Online Learning Prepare You for Life After Graduation?

Online and blended learning advocates argue that a major advantage that students gain in these environments is autonomy.

With graduation behind us and a new school year nearing, we asked recent and upcoming graduates: How did online learning prepare you for life after graduation?

Graduation Successes: Online Learning Enables Students with Flexible Pacing

With the end of the school year upon us, we at Learn outside the Lines reached out to several recent graduates of online or blended learning programs to learn more about their successes. What became clear in our conversations was that online and personalized learning can enable great success for students who otherwise may not have performed well in a traditional brick and mortar school setting.

The International Olympic Committee Embraces Online Learning

For generations, student athletes have had to manage a difficult balancing act between their athletic career and their academic studies. Yet, as blended and online learning becomes more of a fixture in K-12 learning, student athletes are gaining more options for balancing their academic studies while pursuing their athletic dreams.

Making Math Accessible Through Blended Learning Tools

If there’s one subject that causes mass anxiety in schools, math is it. Despite the fact that the core concepts of mathematics are ancient, each year math seems to get more complicated, particularly when it comes to teaching basic concepts via the methodologies prescribed by ever-changing state and national standards. 

Fear not! Help is at hand.