Online Learning Creates Opportunity, Flexibility, and Course Expansion

We are always talking with education leaders about their best practices and lessons learned for online and blended learning. Whether it is through Learn Outside the Lines, conferences, or our own Blended Learning Leader Forums (BLLF), we try to glean those important details from successful programs and share that knowledge with our readers.

Method Schools Offer an Innovative Blended Learning Model for Positive Outcomes

As our readers on Learn Outside the Lines know, we often talk with administrators and instructors about the lessons learned, best practices, and successes they’ve had in implementing personalized learning within school systems. Method Schools is an excellent example of creating a blended model of learning to deliver results.

Lesson 1: Simplifying the Teacher and Student Experience to Successfully Scale Personalized Learning

Offering students a personalized, blended learning environment is not without its challenges.  And, making that same environment available to students across the district can seem daunting. So how does one go about implementing such a program that can be scaled across an entire district?

Take a PEAK at Our Personalized Learning Platform

Many schools and districts perceive that one of the biggest barriers to initiating online or blended learning programs is how they will address the administration, integration, and management of such programs.  Given that we hear this concern voiced frequently at industry conferences and workshops, there is a good opportunity to roundup some recent articles we’ve posted on Learn Outside the Lines (LOtL) that highlight a key component of Fuel Educat