Step 1: Complete & Submit the Fuel Education Enrollment Form

Submitting a registration enrollment form is required to sign up for online course(s) with Fuel Education. Schools and school districts have the option of utilizing PEAK to enroll new students online. Or, choose to use the Excel spreadsheets.

Select the enrollment form that applies to the type of course(s) you want to register, complete, and submit the form via email or fax. If you are enrolling in both Standard and Credit Recovery courses, you will be required to submit two separate enrollment forms.

FuelEd Standard Enrollment Form (Excel): Use this form if you are enrolling in any course(s) that do not include Credit Recovery.

FuelEd Credit Recovery Enrollment Form (Excel): Use this form to enroll in Credit Recovery courses only.

Submit your completed enrollment form(s) via email or fax:

Fax:  800-594-5399
Email: enroll@getfueled.com

New enrollment forms are generally processed within 2 business days. A confirmation email will be sent to the student with their login credentials.

Step 2: Accessing FuelEd Online Courses

Once you have received confirmation of your registration for Fuel Education Online Course(s), and have been provided a User ID and Password, you can start accessing your class(es) by using the Login button.

Step 3: Purchase Textbooks & Materials

Aventa Learning offers a textbook fulfillment center so that it’s convenient to purchase required textbooks. Find out which courses require which textbooks or learning materials.

Required FuelEd Online Courses Materials (PDF): Review the course materials list to identify which courses require textbooks or materials. Then, proceed to purchasing Textbooks.

Click here to Purchase Textbooks: Complete the online form to begin the process of ordering textbooks and materials. Materials usually ship within 24-48 business hours of order and payment completion, and arrive within another 3-5 business days.

Click here to Purchase Textbooks with Purchase Order: Complete the online form to begin the process of ordering textbooks and materials. Please fax your Purchase Order to 800-594-5399. Materials usually ship within 24-48 business hours of upon receipt of the purchase order, and arrive within another 3-5 business days.

Technical Requirements

FuelEd Online Courses are web-based and students need a computer with an internet connection to access them. Most new computers (4 years old or newer) will meet the minimum technical requirements. For detailed requirements click here.


Fuel Education provides a 14-day grace period for all students who enroll in an online course. If a student withdraws within 14 days from when the student enrolls, Fuel Education will refund 50% of any course fees. This withdrawal must be received in writing by Fuel Education by fax or email before the grace period ends. There are no refunds on products other than online courses once an enrollment is made.


If you have any questions about the enrollment process, your student login information, or how to purchase textbooks or materials, contact us at 84-GoFuelEd.