Step 1: Choose Your Course & Submit Payment

To choose the course for your student, visit http://aventa.enroll.aventalearning.com

Once you select your course, you can then complete payment for the course(s) online.

Step 2: Purchasing Textbooks & Materials

A few of our courses require textbooks or other materials that need to be purchased separately. Read Required FuelEd Online Courses Materials to find out what, if any, textbooks or other materials your student’s course requires. Complete the online form to begin the process of ordering textbooks and materials. Materials usually ship within 24-48 business hours of order and payment completion, and arrive within another 3-5 business days.

Step 3: Getting Started!

You’ll receive our online welcome package when the enrollment is processed by our enrollment team.* This welcome package email will include the login information your student will need to get started.  For a quick overview of how online learning works and tips on how to success in the course, click here.

*Enrollments are generally processed within 24 hours of submission, during regular FuelEd Support business hours, M-F 8am-8pm ET.

Technical Requirements

Fuel Education Online Courses are web-based and students need a computer with an internet connection to access them. Most new computers (4 years old or newer) will meet the minimum technical requirements. For detailed requirements click here.


Fuel Education offers a 50% refund on course fees if your student withdraws from the course – in writing – within the first 14 days after enrollment starts. You MUST request the refund in writing by emailing enroll@getfueled.com. Refunds are only for course fees. There are no refunds for textbooks, materials, or any other costs.

Credits & Transcripts

Since Fuel Education is a not a diploma granting school, all course credits will be awarded by your student’s school – not by Fuel Education. Please check with your student’s school before enrolling in FuelEd Online Courses to be sure your school will issue credit for these courses.

Online Teachers

Fuel Education teachers are highly qualified instructors who live in all parts of the country. We cannot guarantee that your student will be placed with an instructor from your state.

More Questions?

If you have any questions while enrolling, please contact us at enroll@getfueled.com.