PEAK Library Tool Sees Exponential Growth This Year

HERNDON, Va., June 29, 2015 – Word spreads quickly when a tool comes along that uses a wide range of digital educational resources to help teachers create a highly personalized online learning experience tailored to each of their student’s needs. Since launching its content curation tool PEAK Library three years ago, Fuel Education™ (FuelEd™), a leading personalized learning solutions provider to schools and districts, has added a wealth of robust content options and use has increased exponentially.  Now teachers are using thousands of these content items to personalize courses each month – and since early last year, use of PEAK Library by teachers has increased tenfold.  

PEAK Library is part of FuelEd’s open-technology platform that makes it easy for educators to tap into a variety of online resources. It aggregates content from multiple sources—including from Khan Academy®, YouTube® Education, Britannica School®, more than 5,600 FuelEd lessons, or teacher-authored content—and organizes it so it is quickly searchable.

Educators use PEAK Library to custom-build assessments and courses, modify existing courses, augment classroom instruction, and develop lesson plans tailored to individual students or groups or for sharing across a district. Whether in traditional or blended classrooms, teachers use PEAK Library to support key learning goals set by state and national standards.

Course customization with PEAK Library can be especially beneficial to at-risk students. Alex Wilson, a full-time mentor in St. Louis Public Schools’ Virtual Learning Centers, tutors students in multiple subjects to ensure they stay on track to recover the credits needed to graduate. For his students who have Individualized Education Programs, he uses PEAK Library. “It provides the remediation support some students need,” he said. “For example, if I have a student completing Algebra, but he or she is not a good reader, I can use PEAK Library to modify the course to be appropriate for that student’s reading level.”

Other FuelEd partner schools and districts are using PEAK Library to personalize learning for students:

  • Crater Lake Charter Academy – This highly flexible, blended learning school for grades K-12 uses PEAK library to tailor learning paths for each of its students, enabling them to progress at their own pace.
  • Evergreen Public Schools – Educators use PEAK Library to create their own courses and make them available across the district; to better serve students in its alternative high school; and to personalize learning for K-6 students at its full-time, blended Flex Academy. In a recent Getting Smart white paper on scaling personalized learning, Karen Weintraub, Principal of the Evergreen Flex Academy, describes her experience with PEAK as “a great blend” of a product that provides courses and content fully built “out of the box” and one that allows teachers to “start from scratch” and build their own content.
  • Springs Studio for Academic Excellence (formerly the Falcon Virtual Academy) – This innovative K-12 blended learning school uses PEAK Library to provide helpful lessons and assistance to students who need additional help.

“Districts are using digital content more broadly across their classrooms every day, and we’ve designed PEAK Library as an open platform to help them put the right content in teachers’ hands to address every student’s needs,” said Gregg Levin, FuelEd general manager. “By meeting students where they are, teachers can help them successfully meet today’s rigorous learning goals.”

Using PEAK Library’s new content-development tool, Lesson Builder, teachers can create custom lesson plans that include media files, practice exercises, materials, reading lists, and assessments aligned to state and national standards. They can also easily share their lesson plans using PEAK Library. Teachers can “like” content developed by other teachers and see which teacher-authored content is most popular.

PEAK Library is part of FuelEd’s award-winning Personalized Learning Platform, PEAK™, an open, easy-to-use technology platform that provides a single, unified view of online and blended learning activities across multiple solutions for administrators, teachers, and students.  In addition to content curation, FuelEd’s partner schools and districts use PEAK’s intelligent reporting and analytics to help reduce system complexity and simplify administration for their online and blended programs.

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Beth Halloran