Engagement Tool

The teacher, mentors, and administrator dashboards include an engagement tool that makes it easy to send a personalized notification to students who are falling behind. It can also be used to send positive reinforcement messages when students are staying on track and performing well.

Administrative Tools and Reports

Administrative responsibilities, such as managing all the district’s licenses, student accounts, and enrollments, are more efficient with PEAK. Its highly interactive tools make it easy to search, sort, and export reports. It also has a student enrollment software wizard that simplifies the enrollment process by guiding the user through clearly defined steps.

PEAK Office Mobile 

The PEAK Office Mobile app lets teachers, mentors, and administrators securely monitor student progress, manage student enrollments, and access reports from an iPhone®. With just a tap of a fingertip, they can see a list of student users, search for a student by name, retrieve student enrollment details, view grade details for a specific enrollment, and much more!

Download this printable PEAK Office Mobile flyer to learn more.