Comprehensive Solutions for School Improvement

Fuel Education offers Anywhere Learning System (ALS) solutions to serve schools who are in need of improvement or are not demonstrating AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress). ALS products help narrow the achievement gap between your highest and lowest performing students and groups—empowering you to serve all students. We offer one of the broadest and deepest research-based systems on the market today that allows you to deliver standards-based assessment, personalized instruction, accountability, extensive individualized or group reporting, and customized professional development.

Individualized  Assessment & Instruction for Grades 1–12

Our solutions include online universal screening and monitoring capabilities that result in a customized learning path for each student through a proven assessment, prescription, instruction, and reporting framework. Student strengths and weaknesses are identified through initial assessments, then a personalized curriculum prescription is delivered to the student. Content is presented through a direct instruction approach to mastery that uses study guides, practice exercises, mastery tests, and essays or constructed responses to deliver a comprehensive learning program to each student.

Focus on Standards

Our instructional system aligns the content to your state standards, allowing you to focus student learning time on the content they must master to excel on state achievement tests. Every lesson is correlated to your state and local standards, so students are better equipped to reach proficiency goals.

Multiple Assessment Solutions

We offer a wide range of scientifically-validated assessments to support all the needs of a comprehensive school improvement solution. These include teacher-generated, building, and district-wide assessments and include summative and formative assessments, which are both scaled and predictive. They provide placement, define individual instructional paths, monitor progress, and measure achievement against both state standards and universal developmental scales, such as the Lexile Framework® for Reading and the Quantile Framework® for Mathematics.