Mathematics – Primary/Middle/Secondary

Building Vocabulary – Primary/Middle

Language Usage – Primary/Middle

Reading – Primary/Middle

High School English – Secondary

Process Writing – Primary/Middle/Secondary

Language Arts Keyboard Companion – Primary/Middle/Secondary

Science – Primary/Middle/Secondary

Social Sciences –  Primary/Middle/Secondary

World Language – Secondary

College Readiness – Secondary

Electives – Secondary


Fuel Education prescriptive learning programs are well suited for students needing remediation, even across multiple grade levels. But they’re also used to accelerate learning for advanced students, extending their knowledge well beyond core curriculum levels.

The Anywhere Learning System has incorporated every state’s learning standards for grades 1–12. The program’s network of assessments links students directly to the instructional content they need, so that teachers can more easily match curriculum and instruction to their skill levels—whether they’re on a developmental, remedial, or enhanced learning trajectory.

Delivered online and/or through a LAN or WAN, ALS is composed of assessment modules and self-paced lessons that put students at ease, using:

  • 150+ subjects/titles in reading, literature, writing, math, science, social studies, Spanish, and electives
  • 130,000+ test items designed to assess student mastery
  • 5,500+ lessons and 200,000 pages of objectives-based, standards-aligned content

To learn more about ALS, visit the links on the left-hand side of this page, or download the ALS brochure.