Student Dashboard

When students log in to their interactive dashboard, each of their online courses is displayed on a course card. With the click of a mouse, they can flip over the course card and see:

  • How much of the course they have completed
  • Whether they are ahead, behind, or right on target
  • Their current grade
  • Which assignments they have completed
  • Which assignments still need to be done

From the Student Dashboard, they can also:

  • E-mail a teacher 
  • Receive notices from teachers and administrators 
  • Begin a lesson
  • Take an assessment

The Student Dashboard allows students to view their status in all their online courses at one time—which helps them prioritize their work and stay on task. The dashboard features a user-friendly design geared to digital natives that students can personalize by arranging their course cards in any order that works best for them.

Teacher. Mentor, and Administrator Dashboard

When teachers, mentors, and administrators log in to their interactive dashboard, they get a quick overview of their online program or class. They can see at a glance how many students:

  • Are enrolled
  • Haven’t started their course
  • Need attention
  • Are on pace

Teachers and mentors can click on an icon and see a list of students in their class and who needs attention. They can view details about how the entire class is doing or how individual students are performing. This real-time information about student progress allows teachers to make data-driven decisions about how to differentiate instruction to support each student. Teachers can also issue a final grade directly from their dashboard.

Administrators can click on an icon and see a list of the students in their online program and who needs attention—and then export the information to an Excel spreadsheet or PDF for inclusion in a report. Administrators can enroll students and change the enrollment end date to reinstate or extend a student’s enrollment from their dashboard. They can also send progress reports to students with the click of a button.

Boost student involvement and reinforce participation with PEAK’s Engagement Tool

The teacher, mentor, and administrator dashboards include an engagement tool that makes it easy to send a personalized notification to students who are falling behind. It can also be used to send positive reinforcement messages when students are staying on track and performing well. 

The PEAK Dashboards are designed to be viewed on a variety of platforms and devices—including laptops and tablets—so students, teachers, mentors, and administrators can view the current status of their online programs in the classroom, at home, or anywhere with Internet connectivity.