PEAK12 has robust reporting features, giving administrators and teachers the ability to glean intelligence about all of their students at any given time through a single, integrated interface. At a glance, the Student Engagement Summary dashboard shows you which students are on target, moving at a slower pace, passing, at risk, or disengaged. This helps you instantly identify students who need help—whether it’s to get started, resolve a technical issue, or determine a remediation strategy. PEAK12 also automatically issues alerts to your dashboard based on your role. The PEAK12 alert system brings your administrators, teachers, mentors, and other members of your staff all in sync, making sure that no action or decision requiring their attention falls through the cracks. You can also manage your online learning program from your iPhone® with our PEAK12 Office Mobile App. Teachers, administrators, and mentors can securely monitor student progress, manage student enrollments, and access reports with just a tap of a fingertip!

Administrative responsibilities, such as managing licenses, student accounts, and enrollment, are also made more efficient with PEAK12. With a simple, wizard-like student enrollment process that guides you through clearly defined steps and highly interactive, searchable, sortable and exportable reports that helps you keep track of all course enrollments and licenses within your district.