Two paths to higher graduation rates

Flexible solutions

Online credit recovery programs give students the opportunity to catch up with their peers, build self-esteem, and graduate on time. Fuel Education’s flexible credit recovery solutions can be delivered during school hours, in designated learning labs, during summer school, or at home. Our proactive strategy helps engage students before they reach the tipping point where intervention may be too late.

Fuel Education credit recovery program

Fuel Education Online Credit Recovery Courses are designed especially for students who did not pass a course initially but learned enough to make a complete repetition of it unnecessary. With our diagnostic-driven model, students can test out of the material they’ve mastered and focus on the concepts they missed the first time around. The online courses are crafted to keep students on task and moving forward, utilizing a “chunked” methodology to increase retention.

ALS credit recovery

The Anywhere Learning System (ALS) is also an effective way to target credit recovery needs, especially for those students with learning gaps of a grade level or greater. Built-in assessments help identify precise gaps in students’ skills and understanding. ALS empowers teachers to prescribe and customize content that puts students on a path to mastery.

Teaching and technology

Courses can be taught by your teachers or FuelEd instructors.   Monitoring student progress is easy with the PEAK platform.

Resources for Educators

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