Teachers, school administrators, and experts across the U.S. are coming together to implement the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). This clear, consistent framework for math and English language arts is based on the most effective models from states across the country, and countries around the world. The standards provide educators and parents with a common understanding of what students are expected to learn, including appropriate benchmarks—regardless of where they live.

With all of the pressing challenges that your district or school faces, how will you be able to provide a state-specific curriculum that is aligned with Common Core State Standards?

Standards are Our Priority

At Fuel Education, aligning our curricula to standards has always been paramount. As we develop our courses, we ensure they are appropriately aligned to the latest state and national standards.

Aligned on Time

Since June 2010, we have developed each new course to align specifically to the CCSS. All courses developed prior to 2010 are also being revised to meet these standards. All our middle school and high school courses now comply with CCSS. And as state-specific standards are defined going forward, we will make additional revisions to other courses to meet those standards as well.

Experts in Your Court

We have a dedicated team of curriculum developers who continually monitor the evolving standards in each and every state, and constantly review our curriculum to be sure it is in sync.

In Step in the Future

As the current standards grow beyond math and language arts to other subject areas, Fuel Education will stay in sync with these new standards developments to continue to provide you fully aligned curricula.

Download our Common Core brochure to learn more.