In school districts across the country, students face health and other issues that cause them to miss school for weeks and sometimes months. Regardless of the time they are not able to physically attend their school, continuing with their education is essential. The traditional method of service for homebound students can be expensive to operate and difficult to staff—and students often have a hard time keeping up with coursework.

More than 100 districts today use the FuelEd Homebound Education Program as an engaging, cost-effective alternative to educating students with medical or legal issues that keep them out of school.

We tailor a learning program for each student in the program by seamlessly combining our extensive online course catalog; engaging technology that can be accessed anywhere, anytime; and a full range of support services. We provide a complete program—from enrolling students and placing them in the appropriate classes to providing instruction, materials, and assessments; from building pacing guides to submitting grades—at a cost that is less than traditional homebound programs.

Benefits of the FuelEd Homebound Education Program for Students

  • Students stay engaged and continue to be part of a school community through many opportunities to interact with teachers and other students during online classes and virtual clubs.
  • Each student has an Individualized Learning Plan and access to curriculum and online classes so he or she can review lessons and progress at his or her own pace.
  • Students have the flexibility to work whenever they feel well—day or night.
  • Students can do their schoolwork in the hospital, at home, or anywhere with Internet access.
  • Continuous assessments identify areas where students are struggling and need additional help.
  • Students have immediate access to teachers and advisors via chat, phone, or e-mail.

Benefits of the FuelEd Homebound Education Program for Schools and Districts

  • Students stay on track so they have an easier transition back into their regular classroom and are less likely to need to repeat courses.
  • Classes in all subject areas are led by state-certified teachers.
  • We work hand-in-hand with your guidance counselors to select curriculum and set pacing.
  • Our courses are aligned to state and national standards.
  • We handle instruction, materials, assessments, and mentorship—all tailored to each student.

Find out how the FuelEd Homebound Education Program can help reduce your district’s administrative and financial burdens while providing your students with a more rigorous and enjoyable learning experience!