Engaging tools to nurture comprehension

Online Remediation

Go after the gaps and harness the flexible power of prescriptive learning with our Anywhere Learning System.

Interactive Math Tutoring

Interactive math tutoring with LearnBop is a big plus that equals understanding for struggling students.


An engaging teaching tool for grades Pre-K–8 that motivates students toward mastery and rewards learning with games.

Fuel Education has a diverse mix of solutions to help schools and districts target their remediation and intervention challenges.

Prescriptive learning

Our Anywhere Learning System (ALS) is a comprehensive prescriptive learning solution that uses assessments to discover the gaps in student understanding and automatically prescribe learning paths and content to bring students back on track. Its 160 subjects, 5,500 lessons, and 130,000 test items are fully customizable to enable teachers to differentiate instruction and track student progress.

Interactive math tutoring

Our interactive math learning solution, LearnBop, simulates a one-to-one math tutoring experience by guiding students through dynamic problems step-by-step so they can learn fundamental math concepts at their own pace—all aligned with state and national standards.

English language learning

English language learners can accelerate toward language proficiency with our partner Middlebury Interactive Languages’ ELL curriculum. Project-based, rigorous, age-appropriate lessons are engaging students and driving improved outcomes with this state-of-the-art language technology.

Game-linked supplemental learning

We are also pleased to offer Stride, our award-winning game-based digital learning solution for intervention and supplemental learning. Your pre-K through 8th grade students can use this highly engaging program, which is aligned to state and national standards, for skills practice, assessment, and test readiness across all core subjects and earn ‘coins’ they can redeem for gaming time.

Customized learning paths

As part of our technology platform, the PEAK Library enables teachers to create customized learning paths for struggling students who need remediation. Teachers can choose from a broad selection of Fuel Education assessments, including benchmark, interim, and adaptive assessments, which are aligned to state and national standards.

Resources for Educators

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