Automated Online Math Tutoring

Online Math TutoringLearnBop simulates a one-to-one tutoring experience by guiding students through problems step-by-step so they can learn fundamental math concepts at their own pace. Using dynamic math problems—called Bops—LearnBop teaches students math concepts aligned with Common Core State Standards and  Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) Standards of Math Learning. Unlike most math problems that start and end with one question, Bops respond in real-time to student input. If a student answers a question incorrectly, LearnBop prompts the student to solve the problem on his or her own—without showing the answer—by breaking the larger problem down into smaller more manageable steps. LearnBop uses the student’s responses to identify concepts from previous grade levels that a student hasn’t mastered, and then creates a customized set of activities that will help the student close the knowledge gaps before moving on to more advanced concepts.

LearnBop tracks every student’s progress as he or she masters each concept. And the dashboard lets teachers see exactly which concepts each student is missing and recommends critical interventions to get students up to speed.

LearnBop Helps Teachers Spend Time Where It Matters Most

LearnBop helps teachers:

  • Identify what their students already know
  • Target concepts where their students need more practice
  • Personalize instruction to increase learning gains

So they spend less time:

  • Figuring out how to apply Common Core and TEKS standards
  • Collecting data
  • Photocopying exercises
  • Grading tests and homework

And more time:

  • Mentoring and engaging students one-to-one
  • Evaluating class performance with meaningful data
  • Planning exciting lessons that make math come alive


Proven Results

Since its 2013 release, 350 schools in 17 states have used LearnBop. One New York City school reported in June 2014 that the state-exam pass rate for their students who used it increased from 25 percent to 96 percent after using the program weekly for one year.

Differentiating Instruction

Schools are using LearnBop online math tutoring to personalize and differentiate instruction:

  • In the Classroom, to introduce the day’s lesson and guide students through problems step-by-step, giving hints and prompts as needed.
  • In the Computer Lab, during or after school to give students of varying skill levels extra practice. Teachers can also assign homework playlists and monitor how students are doing in real time.
  • Using Laptop Carts, teachers group students by station to break down a complicated lesson and address common mistakes.
  • At Home, where students work through their assigned homework playlist, receiving tips and hints only when needed—just like a tutor.
  • In Summer School, to bridge the achievement gap and avoid the “summer slide” so students stay sharp all year long.

Make Common Core Implementation Easier

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) were introduced to provide a more rigorous math education by focusing on fewer topics, but giving students a deeper conceptual understanding of key concepts. Although states have begun to implement Common Core, many teachers say they feel unprepared to introduce the standards into their classrooms.

With LearnBop, integrating CCSS is easy because every problem—or Bop—is aligned to CCSS. As students complete each Bop, LearnBop collects data at every step, giving teachers granular data that pinpoints concepts  the student is struggling with. This helps teachers create a playlist to personalize instruction by selecting from hundreds of smart tutorials and assessments. They can also create their own Bops, collaborate with colleagues, and view popular playlists to see how other educators around the country are implementing Common Core online.

The LearnBop Dashboard Identifies Knowledge Gaps

LearnBop presents the data it collects about each student in a useful format that informs and guides instruction. Teachers can see correct and incorrect responses for each problem, and drill down to see the specific steps each student took while working on that problem, including the time spent on each step, and which hints and videos were used.

From overall class performance on Common Core and TEKS standards to individual performance, LearnBop’s analytics dashboard maps student progress concept by concept, student by student. This enables teachers to identify knowledge gaps, address common misconceptions, and provide personalized instruction for every student.

Download this flyer to learn more about how LearnBop can help you meet every K–12 math student exactly where they are with a simulated one-to-one math tutoring experience.