Online Remediation

Every student has a different learning gap, with some students needing a little help and others needing to learn prerequisite content that goes back more than one grade level. Our online remediation solution incorporates the results from individualized assessments to craft an engaging learning path for each student, helping you to differentiate remediation—even in a traditional classroom environment.

Our remediation solution uses the FuelEd Anywhere Learning System (ALS) to provide assessment tools that can automatically target learning gaps, even across multiple years. We then prescribe targeted content to address each student’s gap. Content covers grades 1–12 and includes:

  • 160+ subjects/titles in reading, literature, writing, math, science, social studies, Spanish, and electives
  • 130,000+ test items designed to assess student mastery
  • 5,500+ lessons and 200,000 pages of objectives-based, standards-aligned content

This content is aligned to state and national standards at a learning-objective level, and crosses multiple grade levels. More than 15,000 schools are using our prescriptive learning programs to provide differentiated instruction and increase student performance against local, state, and federal mandates.