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Since Fuel Education is a not a diploma-granting school, final grade and course credit will be awarded by your school or district. Please obtain approval from your school or district before you register.


Our web-based courses require a computer with an Internet connection. Most new computers (4 years old or newer) will meet the minimum requirements, which are listed in the Service Station.


We offer a 50 percent refund on course fees if your student withdraws from the course—in writing—within the first 14 days of enrolling. You MUST request the refund in writing by e-mailing enroll@getfueled.com. Refunds are only for course fees. There are no refunds for textbooks, materials, or other costs.


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Our courses fuel personalized learning with engaging content designed to help middle school and high school students catch up—get ahead—or explore languages or electives.

Browse all the Fuel Education Online Courses or download our course list. We offer 19 credit recovery courses and more than 170 original-credit courses to help students in grades 6–12:

  • Get on track with credit recovery courses that let students move past material they’ve already mastered, and focus on unlearned concepts using fresh content and new approaches. Plus, most credit recovery courses include English Language Learner (ELL) support.
  • Get prepared for the challenge of high school with comprehensive summer courses such as Algebra, English I, and Biology.
  • Get ahead with original-credit courses, including AP® courses such as English Literature, Calculus, and World History.
  • Get inspired with career-building electives, including Veterinary Science, Fashion and Interior Design, Game Design, Sports and Entertainment Marketing, Intro to Culinary Arts, and Hospitality and Tourism.

How Fuel Education Online Courses Work

  • Students can access their course anytime, anywhere with Internet connectivity.
  • Courses are self-paced, so students can decide to spend more hours over fewer days, or fewer hours over more days, to complete a course.
  • Our courses were developed from the ground up to create a personalized learning experience that addresses students’ different learning needs and styles.
  • Students have access to live academic chat that lets them connect online to a highly qualified teacher to get the help they need.
  • Families receive weekly activity, progress, and performance reports.
  • Enrollment is open, with no set start or stop dates.
  • All of our courses are aligned to state and national standards.
  • Fuel Education is fully accredited through AdvancED.

Credit Recovery: A Path to Graduation

Fuel Education online credit recovery courses are designed for students who did not pass a course, but learned enough to make a complete repetition of the course unnecessary. Students can test out of the material they've already learned and focus on the more difficult concepts they missed the first time around.

  • Each course is based on 60 hours of instructional time per semester.
  • All courses include built-in support for alternative learners.
  • Most include ELL support, if needed.

Original-Credit Options: Catch up, Get Ahead, Explore!

Fuel Education online original-credit courses not only address students' different learning needs and styles—they also thoroughly engage students in the learning process and strengthen higher-order thinking skills. Each original-credit course is based on 90 hours of instructional time per semester.

Over the last decade, thousands of students have had great success with Fuel Education Online Courses. Help your child make the most of the summer by taking a course with us!


Pricing is per student/per semester/per course, and includes instruction from highly qualified teachers as well as access to real-time academic chat support from certified teachers via our Service Station.

  • Credit Recovery courses: $299
  • Core, World Language, and Elective courses: $319
  • AP courses: $349

Academic Support Hours

  • Monday thru Fri, 8:00am ET - 8:00pm ET
  • Saturday and Sunday, 12:00pm ET - 8:00pm ET