Students leave school for a variety of personal and academic reasons. Whatever the student’s individual situation, administrators can retain more students in the district by offering more personalized educational choices through fully online and blended learning options.

By partnering with Fuel Education, districts can now provide high-quality learning programs that can adapt to a student’s personal circumstances. In addition, online learning options aid in attracting new students who otherwise may have not previously considered their local school because the district couldn’t accommodate that student’s personal situations.

With over a decade of experience as a pioneer in full-time online learning, Fuel Education has developed several options specifically designed for the full-time online student: the FuelEd Full-Time School Program and the FuelEd Full-Time School Comprehensive Program. And with our integrated offering of curriculum, technology, and services, we also offer districts the ability to create blended programs to serve students unable or not interested in a traditional school program.