Below is a partial list of some of the awards we have received.

Fuel Education Online Courses

BESSIE Award, 2015

The ComputED Gazette's BESSIE Awards target innovative and content-rich programs, apps and websites that provide parents and teachers with the technology to foster educational excellence.                                                                 

Fuel Education Middle School Language Arts Courses was awarded the 2015 BESSIE Award for Best Middle School Language Arts Online Courses.


LearnBop, an exclusive partner of Fuel Education

Tech & Learning's Awards of Excellence recognizes software, hardware, network, apps, and web products that break new ground, as well as those that added significant enhancement to proven educational tools. 

Tech & Learning Award of Excellence, 2015

LearnBop, an interactive math learning system, was awarded the Tech & Learning 2015 Award of Excellence for Best Upgraded Product.



EDDIE Award, 2015

The ComputED Gazette's EDDIE Awards target innovative and content-rich programs and websites that augment classroom curriculum and improve teacher productivity, providing parents and teachers with the technology to foster educational excellence. 

LearnBop was awarded the 2015 EDDIE Award for Best Multi-Level Math Website.


PEAKTM Personalized Learning Platform

eSchool News Readers' Choice Award

eSchool News, a publisher of K-12 ed-tech news and information, sponsors the Readers’ Choice Award to honor the best products and services in educational technology as chosen by eSchool News readers.  More than 1,300 educators and administrators from K-12 schools and districts across North America nominated their favorite ed-tech products or services.

PEAK, Fuel Education's Personalized Learning Platform, was awarded the 2014 eSchool News Readers' Choice Award.


Pre-K Embark¹² Awards


SIIA CODiE Awards, 2014

The Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA) and its CODiE Awards are the only peer-recognized program in the content, education, and software industries, and serves as market validation for a product’s innovation, vision, and overall industry impact.

Embark¹² was honored as a CODiE Award Finalist for Best Cross-Curricular Solution.

  CODiE SIIA Finalist 2014

Creative Child Magazine, 2014

The Creative Child Magazine Awards nominees are reviewed and evaluated by groups of parents, educators, and professionals. They go to products that exceed expectations based on unique criteria to recognize products focused on education and creativity in children.

Embark¹² was awarded the Media of the Year Award for Educational Programs for Pre-Kindergarten.


Creative Child Magazine Award 2014

Mom's Choice Awards, 2014

MCA awards re recognized worldwide as a benchmark of excellence for family-friendly media, products and services.  Parents, educators, and members of the Media look for the MCA Honoring Excellence Seal of Approval when choosing products for children and families.

Embark¹² was awarded the MCA Silver Award for Online Resources for Children.


Mom's Choice Award 2014

Ed Tech Digest, 2013

The Ed Tech Digest Awards rewards the best and brightest minds who are transforming education and technology to enrich the lives of learners everywhere.

Embark¹² was honored to be selected as a Cool Tool Award Finalist in the category for eLearning Solutions. Cool Tool Awards recognize new, emerging, and established technology solutions for education.

  Cool Tool Award Finalist 2013

Parents’ Choice

Established in 1978, the Parents' Choice Foundation is the nation's oldest nonprofit consumer guide to quality children's media. Parents' Choice Award® winners are a member of a select group; fewer than 20% of the products submitted receive any level of commendation.

Embark¹² was honored to be chosen as a Parents’ Choice Approved Award Winner in the category for websites.

  Parents' Choice Award 2013

Association of Educational Publishers (AEP)

Embark¹² was honored to be a Distinguished Achievement Award winner for Whole Curriculum in the Integrated Curriculum Program category.

The Association of Educational Publishers honors excellence and supports the development of professional, quality content for education. Winning an AEP Award is a sign of excellence recognized throughout the industry.

Embark¹² was also honored to be named one of four finalists for the AEP’s Golden Lamp Award in the Whole Curriculum category.

For nearly fifty years, the AEP's Golden Lamp Awards have been one of the education community’s most prestigious traditions. Competition is intense, giving the winners the right to call themselves "the best of the best."


AEP 2013 Award

2013 Finalist Golden Lamp

Association of Education Publishers (AEP) Awards, 2013 and 2014

FuelEd's content partner, K¹², was honored by the AEP Distinguished Achievement Awards. The Distinguished Achievement Awards recognize the year's finest achievements in educational products. The AEP Awards are one of the largest and longest-running award programs.

In 2014, K¹² Algebra I was a finalist for the whole curriculum, and for mathematics. K¹² Forensic Science was a finalist for whole curriculum, as well as for science, health and the environment.

In 2013, K¹² language Arts Orange, a comprehensive program for grade two that provides an interrelated sequence of lessons for students to continue building their proficiency in literature and comprehension, writing skills, vocabulary, spelling, and handwriting, was honored this year.

  AEP 2013 Award

2014 Revere Awards Finalist

eSchool News Readers' Choice Awards 2012–2013

powerspeaK¹² world language programs, now part of Middlebury Interactive Languages™, a joint venture between Fuel Education's content partners, K¹² and Middlebury College, was selected by readers of eSchoolNews.com for their 2012–2013 Readers' Choice Awards, which recognize the educational technology products and services that have had the greatest impact in schools.

  eSchool News Readers' Choice Award 2012

The Software Information Industry Association, CODiE™ Awards

The CODiE™ Awards recognize excellence in the business software, digital content, and education technology industries, and honored Fuel Education's content partner, K¹², with the following awards:

  • 2012 Finalist CODiE Award: Best Instructional Solution: Middlebury Interactive Languages (a joint venture between K¹² and Middlebury College)
  • 2011 Finalist CODiE Award: Best Mathematics Instructional Solution: Math+
  • 2011 Finalist CODiE Award: Best Public Virtual School Solution for Students

Association of Education Publishers (AEP) Awards, 2012

In 2012, Fuel Education's content partner, K¹², has once again been honored by the AEP Distinguished Achievement Awards. The Distinguished Achievement Awards recognize the year's finest achievements in educational products.

AEP Awards are recognized as one of the largest and longest-running award programs for educational products. AEP Award recipients are honored for their high-quality education content.

  • 2012 Distinguished Achievement Award Winner:
    Fundamentals of Geometry and Algebra (6th Grade Math)
  • 2012 Distinguished Achievement Award Finalist:
    Elementary School Language Arts (Kindergarten)
  DAA 2012 Winner