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K12 enables a diverse group of children to achieve mastery through a combination of individualized learning approaches; passionate teacher engagement; adherence to the best educational research that has been conducted over the past several decades about how young minds really work; and rich, engaging content.

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LearnBop simulates a one-to-one tutoring experience by guiding students through problems step-by-step so they can learn fundamental math concepts at their own pace. Using dynamic math problems—called Bops—LearnBop teaches students math concepts spanning K–12 and aligned with Common Core State Standards.

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Middlebury Interactive delivers an immersive approach to world language education. Middlebury Interactive’s curriculum was developed exclusively for the education market by PhD-level academics and experts in language education using the language pedagogy and teaching methodology of Middlebury College.

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Blackboard Learn LMS technology helps you make learning more effective in and beyond the traditional walls. It breathes life into educational content, brings efficiency to day-to-day tasks, empowers instructors with tools to engage every learner, and promotes collaboration and streamlining processes.


Clever is the simplest way for schools to keep their learning software in sync with their existing student information systems. More than 20,000 schools across the United States use Clever, and more than 100 innovative software applications now integrate with Clever. In 2012, the SIIA named Clever the “Most Innovative Company in Education,” and in 2013, Clever was awarded first place at SXSWedu.


eDynamic Learning publishes online courses that provide an exciting and academically meaningful online student learning experience. All courses include next-generation instructional design, professional audio narrations, and engaging interactive activities.


Originally developed to teach math concepts, Khan Academy® has expanded to include mini-lessons comprised of short videos; practice questions; and explorations in science, finance, history, and art. Teachers can assign lessons and exercises from Khan Academy®  to a single student or an entire class.


Teachers can engage visual learners with videos from YouTube® Education that enrich classroom lessons and make theoretical concepts come alive. YouTube EDU provides access to short lessons from top teachers around the world as well as inspiring videos from global thought leaders.